Q. What is a Charter School?

A. Charter schools are tuition free public schools that offer choice for parents and students and place the highest priority on providing a better quality education. Charter schools are funded much like a public school, but each charter school is governed privately by an independent board of directors. Unlike traditional public schools, every charter school must demonstrate success both in financial and academic areas, or it will lose its charter.

Q. How are Charter Schools funded?

A. Each public school receives FTE (Full Time Equivalent) funding for each student from the State of Florida. The money comes from ad valorem taxes paid by the general public. The state has a formula for redistributing the money back to each district based upon the total number of students enrolled and counted during two separate time frames in October and February each year. The money follows the individual student and becomes the operating capital for each public school district and each charter school. The district serves as the oversight sponsor for the charter school and retains 5% of the total revenue for which the charter qualifies. Charter schools must be fiscally sound and act in a responsible business manner or potentially lose their charter.

Q. How can my child attend one of the Haven schools?

A. Simply fill out an online application for the appropriate level school for your child. You can apply for Bay Haven and separately for North Bay Haven.

Q. Does my child become automatically enrolled?

A. All Haven schools are open to any child in Bay County to apply regardless of race, creed, color, gender, income or disability. As long as space is available the student application will be honored with enrollment pending space. If the classes that are capped by the charter contract, are full then the charter school organization shall perform a public lottery to determine a hierarchy of enrollment opportunity in a fair and equitable manner. The lotteries at Bay Haven and North Bay Haven are audited by Carr, Riggs and Associates for statutory compliance.

Q. Once my child is in one of the Bay Haven schools are we guaranteed to stay in the schools?

A. As long as you fulfill the criteria set forth in the schools charter:

1. Maintain the minimum standards for attendance.

2. Maintain the minimum standards for not violating the tardy or uniform policies.

3. Maintain the appropriate standards for discipline.

4. Maintain the requirements for the minimum number of 20 volunteer hours per family per year.

Q. How is the Haven organization designed?

A. The Board of Directors serve as unpaid volunteers with a fiduciary responsibility to oversee the approval of policies and the school budgets. The Chief Education Officer acts as a superintendent to lead the business and education operations of the 5 schools and the Haven district office. The Board has a 501 c 3 non profit tax exempt status.